McGregor Has Zero Chance of Beating Mayweather

As the so-called megafight approaches, there is still a minority fiercely supporting McGregor with prophecies of an upset.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has amassed a professional boxing record of 49-0. Conor McGregor has never fought a single professional boxing match. These are facts. Here’s another: McGregor has zero chance of beating Mayweather in their boxing match to be held August 26th, at the T-Mobile Arena of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some more facts: Mayweather/McGregor is scheduled for 12 rounds. That’s 36 minutes of action. UFC fights max out at 25 minutes if the fighters go the distance, something McGregor has done just once (but he did win.) (But he really lost.) It’s one thing to question the stamina of a professional boxer who is a power puncher and, therefore, has rarely had to go the fully scheduled time. But even those guys still train a lifetime for the labors of a boxing match. Conor McGregor has only just begun conditioning his body to go 12 rounds. Floyd Mayweather Jr. started in the womb. For the second time: Conor McGregor has never “squared up” (as I channel my inner northeast Philly hoodlum) in a professional boxing match.

Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Arturo Gatti, Jose Luis Castillo. These boxing stalwarts could not defeat Floyd. How then, my mind wonders, does one expect McGregor to meet an opposite fate? How is this not as silly a notion as Derrick Rose saying last summer that the addition of himself and Joakim Noah to the Knicks made them a superteam compatible with Golden State? At least with that, Rose and Noah were all-star talents at one point, and they were now (then) coupled with all-stars Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. If Phil Jackson wasn’t such an ignoramus, and Carmelo accepted playing the 4, and Kristaps moved to the 5, and Christ himself turned back the clock on Rose’s basketball life to 2011, and Joakim Noah earned a SINGLE CENT of the $17 million he was paid, then, maybe, we could see the inklings of a superteam, during a mid-January game against the Brooklyn Nets. Because Rose, Melo, Noah and Porzingis have, at one point or another, played to the level of a member of a superteam. The point is, it’s straight blasphemous to suggest McGregor could have more success than some of the best boxers of the 21st century, when he has never shared their experiences. For the third time: Conor McGregor has never participated in a single professional boxing match, ever.

In 1971, Wilt Chamberlain challenged Muhammad Ali to a boxing match, and Ali accepted, the two setting a date of July 26th in the Houston Astrodome. But the fight was called off, as Ali destroyed any confidence Chamberlain irrationally had, replying to all matters Wilt with one word, “TIMBER!” The man with enough confidence to double down on a claim of having sex with over 20,000 women, realized his foolishness in challenging the greatest boxer in the world. He finally understood that just because he was a professional athlete, that didn’t mean he could waltz into a professional boxing ring. UFC and boxing are different sports, that share some similarities. For the fourth time: Conor McGregor has never competed in the sport of professional boxing.

Michael Jordan wasn’t able to swallow his pride the way Wilt Chamberlain was. No, the Jump Man had such little self-awareness, that he figured it would be okay to just pick up baseball, a sport so difficult that having success 30% of the time is considered all-star level play. The result was pathetic: in 127 games, Jordan had a batting average (.202) that makes Mario Mendoza look like a competent baseball player. By the time Jordan smartened up and returned to basketball, it was too late, he had already embarrassed himself. It took a full season for Jordan to realize that baseball, while also a professional sport, is different than basketball. For the fifth time: Conor McGregor has never had a professional boxing bout.

So my question, now, to you: are you going to be a Wilt Chamberlain or a Michael Jordan? Are you going to come to your senses, secure your credibility and realize that the fighter Vegas listed at +900 has virtually no chance to win this fight? Or will you go on, letting your hate for Mayweather (which is a sentiment I share with you!) cloud your judgement? This one is easy: Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer in the world, and Conor McGregor? He’s never fought a professional boxing match.

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